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Sunday, August 20, 2017

S . A L T had chosen two organizations for our customers to decide where they wish to donate their 1%. Below is information on both {taken from their sites}.

The Ocean Conservancy

What happens to the ocean impacts all of us. The ocean is our responsibility, but we can’t do it alone—we need to join forces with you and people around the world to keep our ocean and our coastal communities healthy and prosperous.

Ocean Conservancy has been at the forefront of the trash free seas® challenge for more than 30 years. Trash in the ocean has serious consequences for all of us, but there is hope.
Visit at https://oceanconservancy.org/about/

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. Fair Trade USA audits and certifies transactions between U.S. companies and their international suppliers to guarantee that the farmers and workers producing Fair Trade Certified goods are paid fair prices and wages, work in safe conditions, protect the environment and receive community development funds to empower and uplift their communities. Fair Trade USA educates consumers, brings new manufacturers and retailers into the Fair Trade system, and provides farmers with tools, training and resources to thrive as international businesspeople.
Visit at http://fairtradeusa.org/

Your involvement?

The biggest thing you can do is not only purchase a hat from shopsalt.net but also donate to our fundraiser.

Small businesses struggle to make it far off the launching pad. We have big dreams to do big things in the sustainable, eco-friendly, plant-based community. Your help, not only helps us but our shared Earth.

The closer we get to our fundraising goal, the bigger our profit will be. That means, more money S . A L T can donate to the charity of your choosing: Following your purchase of the Protect Yo Mother: Earth Hat you will receive an e-mail asking for your vote. The charity you chose will get your portion of the 1%.

Why we chose these two charities?

S . A L T chose both Fair Trade USA and Ocean Conservancy for two reasons:

1.  S . A L T worked with a company that had misleading info as to where and who made their hats. We thought we were getting Made-In-The-USA, but rather, our lovely hats are made in the China. China isn't the problem as the country has been a leader in sustainable and efficient energy sourcing. What we worry about is the standard of workers who made our hats.
We wanted to support FairTrade USA in order to make decent labor and wage laws the standard norm across every business (eventually, including ours) and become FairTrade Certified.

2. On our caps, there is a plastic tag that connects the hat to the organic cotton tag. Tiny plastic like this is not recyclable, which is an extreme bummer. We wanted to make ourselves aware of the impact fashion has on the everyday person which eventually leads to plastic in our oceans. That is why we wanted to support Ocean Conservancy. Plus, the ocean is our main focus and we think the ocean needs the biggest help.

S. A L T believes in honesty - we hope you appreciate honest business practices as much as we do.

Thanks for your support!
- The S . A L T  Team

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